KV Wines
From Grape to Glass
  1. Vineyard Scouting & Grape Sourcing
    It can take years to gain access to grapes from vineyards that reliably produce incredible crops, vintage after vintage. We've put those years in.
    Tailored to a client's needs, KV Wines offers expertise in all facets of vineyard contracting, including: - Grape sourcing - Contract negotiation - Grower relations - Harvest sampling - Calling a pick
  2. Harvesting & Winemaking
    We make our wines in the vineyard. But there's plenty to be said for careful processing and precise enological treatment at harvest.
    Wine is defined by vintage, made but once a year. From beginning a pick to finishing fermentation, KV Wines offers the essentials: - Facility contracting for all shapes and sizes, whether as a bonded winery, alternating proprietor, custom crush client, or "crush & flush" contract - Prescribed fermentation monitoring and treatment - Hands-on micro-lots to tank-processed mega-lots
  3. Aging & Blending
    Wine is made in weeks, but perfected over years. From the finish of fermentation to the final bottling, KV Wines shepherds perfection.
    With homes in a dozen facilities and daily contact with dozens of wine professionals, KV Wines ensures every wine ages under a watchful eye. - Barrel planning & sourcing - Laboratory analysis - Regular topping & treatment - Bulk sourcing & blending - Bottling day logistics & assistance
  4. Market Advice & Assistance
    Decades of vintages and hundreds of 90+ scores have earned wines crafted by Kirk a place at most any table. We'll help get you there.
    A bottled wine is only half finished. The most important part is yet to come. Long experience in the market helps get our wines to the table. - Advice on brokerage & distribution - Referrals for expertise on licensing & compliance - Co-branding and promotion on social media
KV Wines: born in the vineyard