From the vine

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Vineyards of the Napa Valley at sunset
Kirk Venge in the cellar
KV Wines blending session
It's all about the place.

Lovingly curated wines begin with lovingly cultivated grapes... from those secret little spots that locals tend to know best. Rasised among the very vineyards he now sources from, Kirk Venge continually looks to the horizon and expands his quest.  Every year, a new dazzling pick.  Every vintage, a true reflection of the puzzling patchwork of this region's soils, sunshine, and soulful expression of terroir.​​
It's all about the process.

All wines are blends... of terroir, of technique, of time.  The soul of a wine may be born in the vineyard, but the body is preserved in the cellar.  Kirk embraces an old world approach, not as a showcase of artisianal techniques, but as an essential element in the faithful expression of a grape's potenial.  Gentle processing, hand sorting, gravity flowing... wines crafted by Kirk each experience custom tailored treatment. 
It's all about the people.  

From the cellar hands who make the wine to the raised hands that toast with it, a vineyard's bounty is ultimately about the people it supports, satisfies, and inspires.  KV Wine's commitment to quality goes beyond the bottle... every detail matters.  Working with the best teams has a direct effect on making the best wine and drawing the best customers. Many wines can be great, but the hands that make it and raise it truly give it value. 

Elevated winemaking as a high art

Kirk Venge in the vineyard
Venge Vineyards harvest
From the Oakville dust of Beckstoffer's To Kalon Vineyard in Napa Valley to the Goldridge soils of Dutton's Manzana Slope on the Sonoma Coast, KV Wines works with the best growers in the business.
Crush pad at Venge Vineyards
From boutique vintners with boundry-breaking vision, to full-fledged wineries looking to elevate their estates, KV Wines helps dozens of clients to produce hundreds of wines of the highest quality.
KV Wines' market-driven results
We don't keep score. But we don't mind that others do. Consistently top rated by Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, the Wine Spectator, and Wine Enthusiast, the quality of KV Wines speaks for itself.
"​We garden our grapes"
Born in the vineyard.... Kirk Venge follows his father's creed, "making wine in the vineyard," and his grandfather's footsteps, in the Napa Valley soils where he was raised.

No ordinary winemaking legacy, this one continues to culminate. After Nils Venge chocked up Robert Parker's first perfect 100 point score for an American winemaker with his 1985 Groth Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Kirk picked up the baton and rattled the sabre of the next generation of avant garde American winemakers.

Years of schooling, decades of training, and a half-century of family farming in the heart of the Napa Valley culminated in Kirk's 1999 co-founding of Venge Vineyards, producing wines worthy of the storied family name. Firmly established in his native valley and widely regarded as one of the top young winemakers around the world, he now lends the Venge legacy to vineyards and cellars seeking to "raise their glass." 

The generational success is not just about longevity or luck, but of ethos: "We garden our grapes." A childhood lesson. A grown up obsession. Of course, he teaches his children, Paige & Per, the same.

Kirk Venge's kids in the vineyard
 born in the vineyard